A downloadable game for macOS

Made for the 2022 Global Game Jam.

Welcome to Little Orchard. You play as a student of Horace’s Magical School of Acrobatic Arts, the most famous circus school in your city. Even though it’s produced renowned artists for decades, little is known about the school’s founder, Horace Winterson. Years ago, he ran a theme park called Magical Fun House of Horace before vanishing in mysterious circumstances. Since then, the theme park sits empty and forgotten. Some old students say there’s valuable knowledge to be found in the old founder’s office at the theme park – books on how to perform special tricks and improve your performance. After an injury, you set out to explore the theme park after dark in an attempt to find the knowledge you need to heal. But in the thick of the night, you realise you’re no longer alone. Use your torch to navigate the dark, overcome obstacles, and find your way out of the theme park before you become a part of Horace’s Little House of Horrors forever…


  • Evade the monstrous Horace in this short 2D top-down stealth game
  • Outwit the enemy by using your torch strategically
  • Enjoy 2D art along with a creepy soundtrack.


Peter Armstrong — Programmer

Faris — Programmer

Sarah Jean Strachan — Music & Audio www.sjsmusic.com.au

Lise Leitner — Writing and Narrative

Nate Ivanoff — Artist

Dan Pieri —Artist

Vittoria Zagari — Artist

Install instructions

Download zip file, extract, and run.


HouseofHorace.zip 42 MB
HoracesHouse.app.zip 55 MB